A great deal of work goes into producing a fine art print. After the plate or block is prepared and inked, and the paper prepared and registrations set, we finally run the wheel on the press. There is a special moment when the paper is peeled off the block and the image revealed – a moment of reward for the work done. This is the momento moment.

momento is a small art studio based in Hobart, Tasmania. It is run by artist Andrew Baird, assisted by his wife Gabriele. The idea behind momento was to produce small, but precious artworks for our stall at Salamanca Market, held every Saturday in Salamanca Place, Hobart. The idea germinated when we observed the lack of original two dimensional artworks (other than photography) available at the market. Given there are over 300 stalls at the market, and only a handful selling original hand produced two-dimensional works, we thought this was potentially a good opportunity. When the right site came up for sale, (next door to the famous Bratwurst Stall at the Gladstone Street roundabout), momento was born.

Having a gutsy etching press (we even built the press) in the studio, limited edition prints seemed to be the way to go. But we wanted to offer something different as well.  After some experimenting, momento glass was added to the collection. Small glass vials containing – anything that will fit! Mostly these are brief messages on paper. Some are seaside collections from days spent  beach combing around Tasmania.

Our precious pieces can be purchased at a distance – simply send an email with your request and we’ll answer any questions.